+Note starts from an idea of Stefano Farina and Cristian Zullo, famous co-drivers from Verona, who decided to join their forces to create this project.

Stefano Farina

+Note creator and owner

We may not be pro, but we love living our passions at the highest professional standards.

We tried several pacenote books, but none of these could meet the needs we had on board, every time the light turned green and we had to focus on a special race.

In 2011 we started our research which became very soon a thoughtful, serious and careful project.

Our goal, combined with a meticulous attention to detail, has been the creation of the best quality and most practical products.

Driven by the strong beliefs to achieve something unique, we tested several materials and their resistance, spending sleepless nights to face challenges, experiencing our ideas during rallies, making continuous adjustments.

We felt a great satisfaction once we achieved what we had in our mind.

Many people have trusted us during this long incubation process. A special thanks to Riccardo Andreis, friend first then driver.

+Note is all of this.