This regulation applies to all purchases made by the website users.

In the absence of specific approval of these general terms and conditions by the website users, no transaction can be validly executed through the above site.

The general terms of the contract, if approved, apply to all transactions concluded through the website without distinction.


1 – Company data and property

1A – The e-commerce website is managed by the company +Note di Stefano Farina, whose registered office is at via Alcide De Gasperi 20, 37029 San Pietro in Cariano (Verona), enrolled in the company register of Verona, under the following number VR 416626 and VAT no. 0439047023.

1B – All contents on the website such as images, documents, logos or other, in any size and color, together with any other element of this website, are owned by +Note di Stefano Farina. They are an intellectual work whose economic exploitation rights remain under the sole property of Stefano Farina. Any reproduction, exploitation or direct or indirect use of any material is prohibited without the express prior written permission. In case of violation, even temporary, of such rights, the owner Stefano Farina will instigate appropriate remedies.
Trademarks, logos, or distinctive marks of the products being sold on our website are owned by the respective companies and can be used on the website since there has been a legitimate authorization by the trademark owners, in order to promote and describe these products.
Although reasonable care has been taken in collecting and presenting the information contained on this website, no warranty is provided regarding their accuracy, completeness, usefulness, or their possible use by users, expressly excluding any liability for mistakes or omissions. Any kind of responsibility is assumed by +Note di Stefano Farina regarding the users access to this website or to the use of all materials contained. Links to other websites herein are indicated for mere user convenience, without any kind of warranty about these websites and their content. Any liability in this regard is expressly excluded.

1C – In this contract, the website will be hereinafter referred as the “Website” and it is wholly owned by the company +Note di Stefano Farina.


2 – Commercial philosophy

2A – The products publication on our website is an invitation to the customer to formulate a purchase proposal having a contractual value. Once this proposal has been expressed, it will involve the complete knowledge and acceptance of the conditions indicated in this regulation. The contract will be considered concluded with the acceptance of the proposal by the company +Note di Stefano Farina. +Note di Stefano Farina has the right not to accept the proposal without any duty to the client who has formulated it in any way.

2B – The Website sells solely and exclusively original and new products.

2C – Any customer’s right to any damages or indemnities, as well as contractual or extra-contractual liability for direct or indirect damages to persons or property, caused by the non-acceptance of the proposed order, is excluded. Any refunds from the company +Note di Stefano Farina will never exceed the amount already paid by the customer and collected by the company +Note di Stefano Farina..

2D – It shall be understood that the images accompanying the information regarding a product are shown for information purposes only and may not be wholly representative of the product’s features, possibly differing, for example, in color and size (in some cases due to the browser and screen used to access the Website and view the images).

2E – Usually all products represented within our website are physically stored at our warehouses and are therefore available for the shipping within 48 hours of receiving the payment. The stocks shown on the website are constantly updated by our staff but as the stocks are not updated in real time, they have an indicative value only. In case of a physical loss of the products at our warehouses we will contact the customer as soon as possible to inform about any waiting times for receiving the new restocking and then agree on the delivery times.

2F – In order to increase the customer satisfaction, ordered products will be sent as soon as possible and in any case within 5 working days of receiving the payment. The customer may decide not to finalize the purchase if the product is not immediately available and then restocked, without anything to claim from +Note di Stefano Farina as compensation. The sale will be understood only when the company +Note di Stefano Farina will explicitly accept the proposal submitted by the customer, complete with all relevant data as well as the specification and full approval of this regulation. The customer must also ensure that the company +Note di Stefano Farina has received his purchase proposal. +Note di Stefano Farina reserves the right to accept the customer’s proposal within 48 hours of receiving it, and the customer will not be entitled to any claim or compensation to the company. The contract will be concluded when +Note di Stefano Farina, once verified that the proposal is complete in all parts, will send a specific acceptance by e-mail to the address provided by the customer. Customer is invited to view these contract terms and expressly approve them before proceeding with any purchase.


3 – Payment terms

The payment of the agreed amount by the customer, including both the cost of the product and the related costs, will be done only after the confirmation by the company +Note di  Stefano Farina about the product availability. In any case, the company +Note di Stefano Farina will have the right not to accept purchase orders that are not complete in all their parts, in case where there is no certainty about the solvency by the customer or otherwise in the event of unavailability of the products in stock. In this case the customer will be informed and this determination cannot in any way be questioned.


4 – Acceptance of contract and general terms and conditions

By placing an order through one of the available methods, according to the order form on the Website (hereinafter referred to as the “Order”), the Client confirms having read all the information provided during the purchase process and confirms full acceptance of these general conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Conditions”).


5 – Warranties

The warranty period may differ, according to the law, on a case-by-case basis and covers all potential defects in manufacturing.


6 – Delivery and shipping

The products purchased on our Website shall be delivered to the address indicated on the order by the Clients themselves and in the absence of this information, products will be delivered to the home address indicated by the Clients themselves. The shipping type will be the one specified on the order form by the Clients.
In order to provide a better service, the company +Note di Stefano Farina makes use of the shipping service with “GLS Express Courier”. Within the day of the order delivery, the company +Note di Stefano Farina will communicate by e-mail the tracking code to the customers, so that they can be kept up-to-date and verify the whole delivery process.

ATTENTION: In case of package tampering, the customer who may accept the goods without any objection to the carrier for any tampering to the package and/or to the content will take all the risks and consequences automatically exonerating both the carrier and the company +Note di Stefano Farina who has delivered it. Therefore, in case of withdrawal by the customer without any reservation and in the face of obvious signs of tampering, the company +Note di Stefano Farina does not respond in any way to the same offenses or theft.

With reference to deliveries to countries that do not belong to the European Union, any customs duty for importation shall be payable by the consignee. The Client is therefore advised to contact the customs authorities in the country concerned beforehand to verify the costs and any restrictions on imports.

The Client shall be required to check that the packaging is intact, not damaged, or wet or spoiled, including with reference to the materials used for sealing (adhesive tape or metallic strapping). Any damage to the packaging and/or to the product or any lack of correspondence in the number of packages or the details, must be notified immediately by indicating the nature of the problem on the delivery note for the product, which shall be returned to the carrier. In case the customer decides to collect a parcel despite visible distortions, company +Note di Stefano Farina will not be deemed responsible in case of anything missing from the content of the delivery. It needs to be reminded that on this occasion, neither postal nor courier services will be held accountable for any shortages.

Any damage to the packaging and/or to the product or any lack of correspondence in the number of packages or the details, must be notified immediately to the company +Note di Stefano Farina to the following address who will proceed with the refund.

Once the company +Note di Stefano Farina receives the request for reimbursement and without having found the agreement for the replacement of the products, will refund only the amount anticipated by the Client, as soon as possible, and in no case within and no later than 45 working days through a bank transfer, to the bank details provided by the customer. The refund will always be paid only to the person who made the payment and in no case to other subjects, even in the case of gifts to third parties.

The lead times for delivery indicated by +Note di Stefano Farina are merely indicative and a delay to the same, or any delivery made with subsequent split consignments shall not entitle the Client to refuse the delivery or request compensation or indemnity.

Customer cannot refuse to receive the shipment except in case of tampering, alteration or suspicion of damage to the content caused by a clear alteration of the package. In these cases, customer will be asked to reject it.

Payment and shipping methods will be chosen by the customer while filling out the order form.

In this contest, the customer can decide whether to accept the different promotions advertised on this Website also in relation to the savings on the delivery costs.


7 – Payment methods

The following payment methods are accepted:
1) bank transfer to the bank details that will be communicated to the customer. The shipping will be made within and no later than 5 working days after the payment has been charged to our account. In the reason for the transfer, the main references of the order must always appear, such as customer name and surname, as well as a reference to the order or to the purchased product including the order date. If the receipt of the payment does not arrive, into bank account, within fifteen days from the order date, this will be canceled.
2) Paypal on our on-line account to the following e-mail address
3) in cash at the product delivery at our stores, by prior agreement. In this case you will pay only the agreed price without any shipping costs.

The prices indicated on the Website are in Euros and shall be understood as inclusive of VAT.

For all on-line trades on our Website a regular tax-receipt dated the day of dispatch will be issued. In case customers will ask for the invoice, beyond the shipping receipt, they must request it when filling out the order form. For the issue of the invoice by the company +Note di Stefano Farina, customers must also provide his own tax code.

No change to the invoice can be made after its issue.

In case the customers delay in paying the agreed amount, the company +Note di Stefano Farina will proceed to request the payment. If the amount due is not paid within 10 working days of receiving the company order, the same reserves the right to charge the customers an interest in accordance to the law and in any case to be able to resolve the contract without any duty to the customers in any way.


8 – Right to cancel

8A – The customers who are not satisfied with the purchase can make use of the right of withdrawal under the current legislation about distance selling, in particular of Legislative Decree 206 of 2005 (Consumer Code) and they must send a communication by a registered letter within 10 working days from the date they have received the goods. The communication can be anticipated by e-mail to the customer service The registered letter must be sent to: +Note di Stefano Farina, via Alcide De Gasperi 20, 37029 San Pietro in Cariano (Verona).

8B – In any case, no refund will be given by the company +Note di Stefano Farina before receiving the goods and having verified the characteristics for this procedure indicated below. The aforementioned right is subject to the following conditions: the goods must be returned intact with no signs of wear, dents or scratches that could compromise the re-sale of the product as new. The goods must be returned to the sender complete in all their parts, including any piece indicated as shipping item and agreed with the customer at the delivery time, and in any case received by the customer from the company +Note di Stefano Farina..

8C – The return must be made in one consignment and never in separate shipments under penalty of forfeiture of the right itself. The shipping cost of the return is always charged to the customer, as required by the law, and must be in a safe, traceable and secured way, using a suitable packaging to protect the contents from accidental damage. The return shipping costs are entirely charged to the customer who intends to use the right of withdrawal. In case of mistake by the company +Note di Stefano Farina, these costs will be charged to the company itself. In no other case costs will be charged to the company. The company +Note di Stefano Farina will reject any package for which the carrier will request any payment for marks, shipping costs, or any other expenses. The company +Note di Stefano Farina reserves the right not to accept the return of those products that do not respect the previous conditions or that show any sign of wear, damage or that are missing any part or accessory contained in the delivery shipment. The company +Note di Stefano Farina will refund the customer, only in case the goods conditions are equal to those at the time of shipment, goods are together with the relative packaging and the balance has been paid within 15 working days exclusively through bank transfer or other payment methods agreed with the customer but never in cash. On the return packaging, no words should ever appear that can in any way show the contents of the same. The package must be correctly sealed and sent to the address indicated as the sender of the arrival consignment: +Note di Stefano Farina, via Alcide De Gasperi 20, 37029 San Pietro in Cariano (Verona). The package or the gummed envelope must be correctly sealed and signed in order to make the package unique and unrepeatable. The company +Note di Stefano Farina never responds to any loss, theft or damage of the returned goods and in case of package tampering upon receipt, the same will be rejected to give the customer the opportunity to claim against the carrier and thus proceed with the carrier or postal insurance procedure. The company +Note diStefano Farina is not responsible in any way for damage, theft or loss of returned products and therefore any risk remains to the customer..


9 – Clarifications

For any clarification or problem, you should contact directly the company +Note di Stefano Farina at the following number +39 348.9144269 or e-mail address


10 – Jurisdiction and final clauses

For any civil dispute concerning the interpretation, execution and termination of the company +Note di Stefano Farina sales regulation towards private customers (natural persons) concerning distance selling, the place of jurisdiction is the one of the customer residence or domicile if located in Italy (article 63 of the legislative decree 2505/2006).

The contract for sale set out in these Conditions and its performance shall be governed by italian law. Any contrary legal norms and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall not be applicable. Should a dispute arise, it shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts in the town where the Client is resident.

The content of this contract can be modified in any part by the company +Note di Stefano Farina simply by making changes and publishing it on its Website The new rules will have immediate effect.


In accordance with the art. 1341 et seq. of the c.c. the customer declares to have specifically read and approved the articles referred to in these conditions and in particular the following articles 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.