How to solve the issue of the metal spiral in 3 steps

Do you have the +Note co-driver pacenote book with metal spiral and you are afraid of it scratching you or damaging your race suit? Here is the solution for your problem.

Has it ever happened to you that while using the +Note co-driver pacenote book with the metal spiral you got scratched or got your suit tangled?

The most logical answer should be to curve the extremity in order to make it round so that it would be difficult to get hooked, but this would not be the right solution.

Do you know why? Because then how are you going to pull it on and off? Are you going to straighten it again?

We have devised a quick and more efficient solution to the problem.

Who doesn’t know the shrink-wrapped sheaths used by the electricians?

They cost just a few cents and can be easily found in every electrical store.

You need to put just a little piece of sheath on the extremity of the metal spiral and then warm it up with a lighter.



Now your spiral won’t scratch you or get your race suit tangled any longer and at the same time you will be able to pull it on and off smoothly.