On board side pockets +Note, front rollbar, driver and co‐driver side


On board pockets, both driver and co-driver side, applicable to rollbar.

Created by co-drivers for drivers, co-drivers and teams.



Thanks to the cooperation with some rally experts such as Alex Munaretto (MS Munaretto) the applicable side pockets were born.

The driver version is transportable, equipped with velcro and a comfortable handle to be easily applied to the rollbar before a race and removed at the end.

Ideal for storing the driver’s personal objects such as, for example, mobile phone, gloves and more.

The co-driver version is equipped with three velcro straps, for excellent anchoring, and two capacious pockets, the front in crystal with double slider for storing visible objects, in case of need.

Pockets have been created in two different versions, one specifically designed for the driver, the other for the co-driver.

Additional information

Weight 0,88 kg
Dimensions (driver side)

42 x 4 x 27 cm

Dimensions (co-driver side)

30 x 4 x 21 cm

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