On board side pockets +Note, rear door, driver and co‐driver side


Rear on board pockets, both driver and co-driver side, applicable to car door or panel under the window.

Created by co-drivers for drivers, co-drivers and teams.


Thanks to the cooperation with some rally experts such as Alex Munaretto (MS Munaretto) the applicable side pockets were born.

They are very useful to have everything you need always handy, during both tests and special stages.

Ideal for optimizing the rear spaces of the car, by hooking them directly to the panels under the rear windows, they allow you to store various types of material (for example bottles, clothing, etc.).

Equipped with zip, very capacious and applicable in maximum safety.

Pockets have been created in two different versions, one specifically designed for the driver, the other for the co-driver.

Additional information

Weight 0,8 kg
Dimensions (driver side)

25 × 4 × 47 cm

Dimensions (co-driver side)

25 × 4 × 47 cm

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