Alice Mosele's review about +Note co-driver backpack bag

The point of strength of this product is that it is more of a backpack than a bag. We have everything inside and thanks to the double belt in backpack style, the weight is always well balanced on your shoulders.

My name is Alice Mosele, I am a co-driver and I am also a partner at the Vittorio Caneva Rally School for drivers and co-drivers.

I came to know +Note almost by chance, when I saw a navigator using the +Note backpack bag for co-driver.

I was immediately intrigued by the product and since December 2015 it has always been with me.

Belts in backpack style are the key of this product.

We have everything inside and too much weight, if supported by a single bag strap, can easily hurt your shoulder. With +Note backpack bag for co-driver you don’t have that problem anymore because being more of a backpack than a bag, the weight is well balanced on both shoulders.

The material is of a superior quality and I love it so much that I have recommended it to many friends and clients who have purchased it, just because of its perfect weight balance, thanks to the double belt. Everyone got excited.