Davide Tagliaferri's review about +Note co-driver backpack bag

Versatility and strength. +Note co-driver backpack bag gives everything the good co-driver needs.

My name is Davide Tagliaferri and I am a co-driver, mainly at the Italian Classic Cars Rally Championships, with Salvini. I have also a passion for modern cars, and I support Cancelli as a co-driver.

My close friendship with Stefano Farina has allowed me to be one of the first to get to know the +Note project, thus sampling its products.

I have been using the +Note backpack bag for co-driver for the last 3 years and I really couldn’t do without them.

First of all it’s a backpack that you can carry easily on your shoulders keeping your hands free.

The system of separating the two parts is very convenient, especially during the races as everything remains in the right place.

I would strongly suggest that all my colleagues try the +Note backpack bag for co-driver because it’s a real innovation in our role.