Mirko Liburdi's review about +Note co-driver pacenote book

Around there are pacenote books to write down notes and then there is +Note co-driver pacenote book which is a different story. A pacenote book without compromises. Once you try it, you will never go back!

My name is Mirko Liburdi and I am a co-driver.

Two years ago I have discovered the +Note co-driver pacenote book thanks to some friends who were already using it. And from that moment on I just couldn’t live without it.

I had used other pacenote books previously but once I tried this one I came to the realisation that pacenote books can be so different.

Here you can find very precious technical datasheets that are useful for tests and special stages, designed with extreme attention to detail.

The material is perfect and allows you to remove erasures without damaging the sheets.

Spirals are also great, pages turn easily and there is no light reflection which is perfect for racing at night!