Custom co-driver backpack bag +Note


Co-driver backpack bag with printed customization.

Ideal for every step of the race: tests, recce, special stage.

Created by co-drivers for co-drivers.

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Born from the need to have the right equipment, for our job, in every moment, during the recce and mostly on special stage, we have thinked to add, to our pacenote books, also a bag specifically designed for co-drivers.

Stylish and cool, this bag can be used at its best by beginners and experts.

Thanks to its practical handle it can be used as a simple bag but it also can be used as a backpack, keeping your hands free.

Dimensions (height 35 cm, width 28 cm and deep 9 cm) have been studied to optimize the space for our equipment.

Finally, the possibility to divide the bag into two parts allows a perfect streamlining space, especially in narrow places. The storefront has a comfortable velcro strap which allows easy attachment to the rollbar, while the back part, which is usually quite bulky, can be left at service area or fixed safely at the back, should it be needed between special stages.

What tells us who used our backpack bag?

Additional information

Weight 0,8 kg
Dimensions 9 × 28 × 35 cm

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