Fabio Grimaldi's review about +Note co-driver backpack bag

A great product! I love it for its quality materials. The perfect choice for the race car.

My name’s Fabio Grimaldi and I’m a rally co-driver.

My dear friend Stefano Farina showed me this product in 2016 on New Year’s Eve and he got me so interested and passionate that I decided to buy it.

I’ve been using the +Note backpack bag for co-driver since early 2017.

I love its quality materials. It’s tailor made, in all its details,and specifically designed for a race car.

I also love the bottle holders, they are so useful.

While before I was using a competitor’s product, I noticed it wouldn’t last longer than a year without puncture.

One of the major strengths of the +Note backpack bag for co-driver is its durability.

Definitely, a great product, fully equipped and extremely durable.

I recommend the +Note backpack bag for co-driver to all my colleagues.