Sonia Benellini's review about +Note co-driver pacenote book

+Note pacenote book is fully equipped, well organised and very useful for our car engineers, too. I started using it back in 2012 and have not replaced it with any other competition product ever since.

My name is Sonia Benellini and I am a rally co-driver, mainly assisting Alberto Paris.

I discovered the +Note co-driver pacenote book thanks to my friend Stefano Farina, who I met several years ago in a historic rally. On that occasion, he talked me through this interesting project in its early stages at the time.

I started using it in 2012 and have not replaced it ever since.

I believe I was one of the first female co-drivers to ever use the +Note co-driver pacenote book.

Before its amazing discovery, the pacenote book I was using was by far less equipped and less organised, compared to the +Note one.

Its strengths are its technical datasheets very detailed and, as a matter of fact, extremely userfriendly for us co-drivers and our car engineers, too.

At the end, you will find the stage charts, where you can record our own and our competitors’ race times and results.

It features a strong and robust cover, as well as durable and easy to turn pages.

I totally recommend it to all my fellow co-drivers.