Marco Zegna's review about +Note co-driver pacenote book

The +Note co-driver pacenote book is a product specifically designed for the co-driver, the perfect choice to be in safe hands during the races and a valid technical support tu grow up.

My name is Marco Zegna and I have been a co-driver for quite some time, having done over 200 races and won dozens of them both at modern and historic rallies.

I became intrigued by the +Note co-driver pacenote book when I saw other co-drivers using it.

I started to use it in 2014.

I do like the paper quality of the +Note co-driver pacenote book, the right thickness and the user-friendly spirals. I use the one with the plastic spirals and I have never had a problem turning the pages.  

With the +Note co-driver pacenote book I have finally found a technically sound productspecifically designed with the co-driver in mind.

Just trust +Note co-driver pacenote book: you will be in safe hands during the races and it will offer you a valid technical support to grow up.