Big co-driver pacenote book +Note with plastic spiral


Big pacenote book (width 21 cm and height 26 cm) for rally, with plastic spiral.

Created by co-drivers for co-drivers.


+Note co-driver pacenote book has a perfect size, not too big and easy to handle with powerful vehicles, not too small to allow horizontal and vertical writing.

The paper has been carefully chosen and can reflect in every condition of warm or cold led lights, day and night. The paper mixture is waterproof to avoid ruining the pacenotes during a rainy stage.

Spiral is made of soft plastic to respect the integrity of pages and, at the same time, to allow a quick use of the pacenotes.

Every page includes six lines of 48 mm each. Top right there is a space to write progressive and regressive during the pacenote reading. According to the style of the co-driver it is possible to write about 1,5 km on a single page. This is suitable for medium and long races, even for a world rally championship.

There are also pages for useful numbers, for tires pressure, set-up details, co-drivers times and notes and some post-it notes to have quick access to the different sections.

What tells us who used our pacenote book?

Additional information

Weight 0,56 kg
Dimensions 21 × 26 cm

100 writable

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